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The Importance of Research in Podcast Interviews: How to Create a Compelling Narrative.

Podcasting is a growing medium, with more and more people tuning in to listen to their favorite shows. However, creating a successful podcast goes beyond just having good equipment and a great guest. Research is a key element in crafting a compelling and successful podcast interview.

Understanding the Guest: Key to Success.

Before even inviting a guest to participate in a podcast interview, research is vital in understanding the guest's background, their area of expertise, their beliefs, and their previous experience in media. This knowledge will help to shape the narrative and guide the questions during the interview. It also allows the host to create a more personalized experience for the guest and the audience.

Researching the Topic: The Key to a Compelling Narrative.

The narrative of a podcast interview is built around the topic at hand. Therefore, researching the topic is essential in order to create a compelling narrative that is informative and engaging. Researching the topic allows the host to understand the current state of the conversation and provide context for the listener. It also enables the host to create a clear narrative structure and to ask more insightful and thought-provoking questions.

Growth through Research.

Researching the guest and the topic is not just about creating a compelling narrative, but it also allows for growth. The host will be able to expand their knowledge and understanding on the topic, and the audience will be able to learn something new. Moreover, researching the target audience allows the host to create a narrative that is tailored to their interests, leading to a more successful podcast with a wider reach.


Research is essential in creating a successful and compelling podcast interview. It allows the host to understand the guest, the topic and the audience, leading to a more personalized, informative and engaging narrative. With research, the host can take the podcast interview to the next level, creating a satisfying experience for both the guest and the audience. And as podcasting continues to grow, investing in research can help a podcast stand out and grow its audience.

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