How Does The Process Work?



Choose a package that works well for you and you will be notified with instructions to follow for set up.



After deciding which package works best for you, submit an outline on what your podcast is about. 



This is where I take over. After submitting your episode I will immediately begin working on it.



After completing the edit, the episode will be tagged and uploaded, you will be notified via email.

Making Podcasting Easier.

Professional Editing.

Editing your show, just the way you like it. So you can focus on doing what you love!

EQ and Leveling.

Keep those levels perfectly mixed so your listeners get the best experience!

Custom Intro and Outro.

Custom made intro songs for those segment ideas, or for the podcast itself.

Show Notes.

Detailed show notes including topics discussed on the show, resources, and any links you would like to include.

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