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How to Get More Reviews.

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

After you’ve put all the time and effort into launching and producing a great podcast, you might be lacking in the amount of reviews you would like. Reviews are a great way to get your podcast out there and get some great feedback on exactly what people think the strongest and weakest parts of your show.

Reviews are also great to provide social proof, and let other people know that you have loyal listeners. When you have more listeners, the more of a chance others will see it is popular and give it a chance. Here are some ways to get more reviews on your podcast.

Ask your listeners

This one is the most obvious one, but if you are not already, at the end of each of your episodes, ask your listeners to subscribe, rate and review. It’s a lot easier for people when you give them a suggestion.

When you ask your listeners, you can even give them something fun to say, or just tell them to be honest and give their score. No matter what the review says, it’s almost always better to have reviews rather than not have them.

Appear on Other Podcasts

Chances are, if you make a podcast you listen to other peoples podcasts. Find some of those podcasts that you’re interested in and get ahold of the hosts, see if you can make an appearance. It will especially help if that podcast is in the same genre as yours.

At the end of those podcasts the host usually gives you a platform to plug your show. That gives you more notoriety and gives you the ability to ask their listeners for reviews on your show as well, it would help if you asked the host to link your show and how to give it a review, which brings me to my next tip.

Run a Giveaway

There’s a few great ways to run a giveaway on your podcast, you could buy a product related to your show. This costs money that you might not have, but if you have some sort of support coming in for the show, then it might be an easier choice.

Another option is to create something that you can giveaway, this option could be completely free. One good option could be to create a pdf, or make something by hand. Once you have something to giveaway, let people know that the first few people to leave a review will get the product.

This is a simple but effective short term solution to get a lot of reviews.

Add a Link in the Description

It makes it a lot easier for people to make a decision if that decision is easy to make. One way to make it easier is to add a direct link to the site where you can leave a review. You can add this link in the show notes, but just as important you should post the link in your blog posts, on your website, where ever you can to make things as easy as possible for your listeners. When you post the links, make sure to post to every platform, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

Shout Out Your Reviewers

A great way to incentivise people to leave a review is to name each person who left one. You can put in a small segment at the end or beginning of the show, that goes through each positive review and read the name and description. In this segment you can also add another call to action to leave more reviews for your show. You don’t have to add this segment to every single episode, you can wait until you have enough reviews, or only read a certain amount.

If you made it this far, consider reaching out to me at to chat about great and creative ways to improve your podcast, or if you would like some help with your entire podcasting process, including launching your show, consultations, editing, or just a more personal conversation!

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