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Basic Plan+

How to Get Started



1. Mark while recording.

 a. While recording your podcast if you’re able to try and mark where ever you would like “main” edits, e.g.  where you would like to add music, or a break in the middle of the show.

b. It won’t be necessary to mark every time you stumble with uh’s or um’s.

2. Upload a description of your podcast.

a. Create a Google account if you don’t have one.

b. Go into your Google drive.

c. Create a folder labeled with the name of your podcast.

d. In that folder create a document with a few notes about your podcast .

e. In this document describe what your podcast is about.

                                              i. e.g. “My podcast is about fast food restaurants, and giving them a                                                            rating each week, we have a guest every week and visit a new restaurant every week”

f. In the same document I need to know the extent of editing you need

                                           i. e.g. “I would like you to get rid of all the um’s and uh’s in the edit, I                                                       would also like you to add a segment intro near each marker”

g. If you would like anything specific in your show notes, e.g., links or a specific description of something this is where you would do that.

3. Upload your episode.

a. In the folder you created, labeled with your podcast name, upload your episode as an ‘mp3’

                                      i. If your podcast involves more than one file, although not necessary, it                                             would be appreciated if you could create separate folders for each file

4. Share your completed folder with me.

a. Once you’ve got everything ready to go  

i. Right click your folder

ii. Click “Share”

iii. In the field type “"

iv. Add any notes you feel are necessary

v. Click “Send”

5. Once I have received the files. 

a. Once I have received the files, you will receive a confirmation email. 

b. I will then begin working on the edit

i. Once the edit is completed you will receive a second email, telling you it has been completed

c. You will find the completed edit and show notes properly labeled in the same folder you shared with me.

d. If you have any problems with the edit, you can contact me at 

Thank you for choosing I Edit Podcasts and I hope I can make your life easier! 

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